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For my first book report, I chose the novel Most Dangerous: Daniel Ellsberg and the Secret History of the Vietnam War by Steve Sheinkin. This book, based on the title and from the works of the author, is an informative book, or a non-fiction novel. This can contribute to one reason I chose to read this book. There are many reasons as to why I chose this novel for my first report. One being, I was already in the middle of reading this book, so I chose to finish this book early and take my time for the writing of the report itself. It’s much more convenient that way. Another reason, one that relates to the book itself, it that the author, Steve Sheinkin, is well known for other books, one of which I read was Bomb: Race to Build and Steal the …show more content…

It answers for the purpose of reading the book. The theme or central idea for this novel is separated into three figurative branches. The three branches are to be selfless, be determined, and be courageous in a time of need. Ellsberg showed all three of these attributes, and I believe that Sheinkin wanted to show this to children for generations. If the theme was to be put together, then it would go as this: people need to be daring and patriotic for their country. If no one is wanting to take the risk for a larger cause, then all is lost for our great country. America was founded on individuals who had a separate view of the land, and wanted things to change for the good. Ellsberg leaking the Pentagon Papers for the American families who have children on the battleground showed his mark of nationalism. Children who are in our generation, and for generations to come, need the sense of nationalism that Ellsberg had when he went out and released top secret and classified documents. The type of documents that would put someone behind bars for a lifetime. I, myself, wish to be as nationalistic as Ellsberg one day. In my mindset, I would go out there and hack an organization that is doing wrong toward the greater good. I would do this to make my mark for a free world. Speaking of which, the novel’s final chapter is titled, “History Repeats.” It states how like Ellsberg, there is another person …show more content…

The Benedict Arnold ego is the protagonist and the main individual of the novel. Important characters include Everett Alvarez Jr. one of the longest imprisoned people of the Vietnam War. There is as well Patricia Ellsberg, Daniel Ellsberg’s second wife and the person who influenced Daniel Ellsberg into leaking the Pentagon Papers. Presidents also played a large role in the Vietnam War and as well the book. The Presidents who were the spotlight during their time in office were both Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon. There were other presidents in office during the war, but these two were mentioned mostly as the book went on. More people were an important input during the piece of literature, yet these people were characters that were mentioned through the entirety of the work. The antagonist for the book is not merely seen as an individual, but more as a country. For the viewpoint of America, North Vietnam was the enemy. For Daniel Ellsberg, a lot of government officials, including Nixon, were the people who went against him and were the people who challenged Ellsberg; the government officials were against the opinion and viewpoint of Ellsberg and wanted him in jail. Speaking of opinion, I have yet to share my own opinion of the

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