Motivation And Theory Of Motivation

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It is suggested by psychologists that motivation can be understood as a technique that works as a model that starts and maintains behaviours. The reason we all act or do something is caused by motivation; it is related to the emotions, biology and the social factors that influence behaviour. It is usually a term used to explain why an individual will do something, the reasons behind that action. Moreover, "The term motivation refers to factors that activate, direct, and sustain goal-directed behaviour motives are the "whys" of behaviour’’ (Nevid, 2013).
This coursework will explain what motivation is, what the psychological theories are and how is that crucial in explaining people’s behaviour at the work place. Firstly, an in depth explanation of what is motivation will be written, then the arguments for and against of the process theories of motivation. Finally, descriptions on how useful these theories are to predict behaviour in companies. There are four factors of motivation; that are intrinsic motivation, it incorporates following: goal, tool, situation and temperament. Goal is related to attitude and behaviour. Tool, on the other hand, is what is used to reach that goal. Situations are the external environment and the position you find yourself into. Finally Temperament is your state (internally).
Pakdel (2013), from the twentieth century specialists started to evaluate other reasons for differences in motivation. Others focused on internal factors to justify

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