Motivation And Employee Motivation

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Motivation is very important subject in today’s business every organization tries to motivate their employee because of to perform well in workplace and achieve organization goals. This research show relationship between employee motivation and their work performance in the organization also show the relationship between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. The basic goal of this research is to identify connection between employee and their performance. Also show that intrinsic factors have rather efficacy on relationship then extrinsic factors.

Motivation is discussed widely from different people especially in twenty century, because every organization wants to increase their profit and want to become famous in the world and try hard to satisfy their customers. Those organizations how want to increase customer satisfaction and to achieve their goals they send their employees to different seminars, for holidays and training because employees are the main profit of an organization. Some people said employees are not only the assets of an organization they are essential subscriber and effective factors for business production. Employees are not only motivated by money this concept is wrong motivation come from different approach by work levels, from senior to junior levels, in workplace. Motivation depend on manager it is the
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How many practices are done for various types of employee motivation can influx the performance of employee in workplace? Also this study analyzes the basic motivation opinion and approaches. Knowing these basic opinion and approaches give authorization to organization senior managers to taking decision about types of motivation.
Identify why employee motivation are important
Explain motivation and how its different forms

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