Social Care And Psychology Assignment

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Applied Social Care & Psychology Assignment X00138717- Bronagh Galloway In this essay I will discuss the reasons why I choose the course social care practice and the psychological theory associated with it. I will illustrate my beliefs and values and how they influenced my personal and professional development. I will also discuss how my belief system corresponds with the ethical framework in social care practice. 'Motivation is a process that influences the direction, persistence and vigour of goal-directed behaviour. Psychology 's diverse theoretical perspectives views motivation through different lenses. (Passer, Smith, Holt, Bremner, Sutherland, Vliek., 2009, p.475). The psychological motivational theory that I …show more content…

Relatedness is a need which involves wanting to make connections with people. This need portrays your engagement as a person as the stronger the bond becomes, the more comfortable they become with who they are with that person. (Passer, Smith, Holt, Bremner, Sutherland, Vliek., 2009, p.478). It is clear to me how I relate to these three fundamental psychological needs and how these correspond to why I wanted to come into the social care sector.
As well as the humanistic theory, I feel that the cognitive theory also had a major impact on me entering into social care practice. I would consider myself a very hard working person who loves to obtain the highest results in any case possible. One of the main qualities about myself is that I like to see that I have made a substantial difference to people 's lives and therefore wanted to come into a career where I will be intrinsically motivated rather than extrinsically motivated. Achievement is a huge part of my personality and it is what gave me the desire to want to work in social care.
Personally I would strongly describe myself as a very ambitious and benevolent person which is what drove me into this career. I love to succeed to the highest potential possible and with that I enjoy the pleasure of knowing what a major impact my help has had on a person 's life. By working in the social care sector it will allow me to see the true value and meaning of things as well as being able to stand up for human rights and social

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