Motivation Essay

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Motivation is defined as, “the reason for the action; that which gives purpose and direction to behavior.” Motivation is key in personal life as well as the career world. Motivation in the work place is highly dependent on employers being able to understand the needs and wants of their employees. When employers can understand and satisfy an employee’s needs, the employee is more inclined to perform well in his position. “The ranked order of motivating factors were: (a) interesting work, (b) good wages, (c) full appreciation of work done, (d) job security, (e) good working conditions, (f) promotions and growth in the organization, (g) feeling of being in on things, (h) personal loyalty to employees, (i) tactful discipline, and (j) …show more content…

Therefore with this constant demand on employees, it’s crucial that they are happy and content with their workload.
Another motivating factor, and the most obvious, is wages. This includes, but it not limited to salary, benefits (including medical and dental), bonuses, stock options, and 401K plans. Employers motivate employees with these incentives to make them want to come to work everyday and perform their tasks well. Incentives like a 401K plan can also motivate employees to not only come in everyday, but also grow within that company. For instance, at places such as assembly plants, persons who have been there for a good length of time know how each station operates and is able to move around more freely and teach newer employees the way things work. As a personal example, I was recently awarded a bonus from my company because of a major deal that we just completed. It felt good to be given a monetary reward. It also felt great to know that my ideas and input helped to bring this deal to a successful close. Before I received my surprise bonus I was planning on taking a day off “just because”. However, since I have received the bonus, I decided against it.
People want to feel self worth and feel like they are needed or “in the loop.” Employee motivation is basically a cycle. Interesting work motivates the employee. When the employee is motivated,

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