Motivation Techniques Used By Managers

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Motivation is used by managers in companies to encourage its employees to perform to the best of their abilities. The motivation techniques used in the first summer are quite different than those of the second. The workers were motivated in the first summer due to the Expectancy Theory as well as the Four-Drive Theory.
In the first summer, workers quite enjoyed working for Joe and put great effort and time into landscaping customers’ yards. The “E-to-P expectancy” (McShane, Steen & Tasa, 2014, p.119) is used by Joe. This expectancy is based on the workers’ belief that he/she can successfully complete the task required. In the first summer, Joe taught all new workers how to use the lawn equipment and was present at the job site aiding them. The workers felt that they were able to complete any job handed to them, as they were properly educated on the tools needed to perform. Additionally, Joe was kind enough to not assign designated roles to each worker. This is a move to motivate employees because they can choose among themselves the job they feel most comfortable and confident doing. Finally, Joe was open when it came to comments and recommendations. He was supportive with his crew and paid them uplifting suggestions while refraining from “using his authority” (Cohen, Fink, Gadon, & Willitis, 1992, case). The second theory used by Joe is the Four-Drive Theory. This theory is based on, “innate drives to acquire, bond, learn, and defend that incorporates both emotions and…
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