Motivation Theories At A Very Young Age

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Motivation is an important factor in one’s life. You learn what motivates you at a very young age. Although you may not know the word or understand what it means, you still accomplish a goal to receive a reward or know not to do something that will get you in trouble. Why do you do the things you do? Why do you get excited when presented with a positive reward or upset when presented with a negative reward? It’s all about you and what you desire most or want to avoid; and it differs in each individual. When a young teenager is told to clean his room and then he can go to the movies, this is a positive reinforcement or motivator to get the parent’s desired outcome. When you apply the motivation theories in the workplace, the main goal is to have the employee perform their duties to achieve the company’s desired outcome. There are several motivational theories offered as templates for organizations to utilize the way they see fit. The ultimate outcome of these theories is that the employee with the right motivator, whether it’s positive or negative reinforcement, will encourage the employee to perform at their best. The leadership-follower aspect is crucial in motivating correctly in the workplace.

Keywords: motivation, socialization, employee compensation, self-fulfillment, rewards, positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, Frederick Taylor, Elton Mayo, Abraham Maslow, Frederick Herzberg

Integrating Motivational Theories in the Workplace Welcome to the 21st

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