Motivational Strategies of Microsoft

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Introduction Microsoft has become one of the giants in the high tech field. Microsoft has become a household word which started in January of 1975 when Bill Gates, a sophomore at Harvard, starting writing software to enhance the use of personal computers. The company has grown from its humble beginnings to the software giant the company has now become. Microsoft uses employee empowerment, the company’s ability to foster teamwork, and creative incentives and rewards to motivate the company’s employees to be productive.
Employee Empowerment Microsoft is a company well known for its innovation in software and technology. However, Microsoft is also a company that has remarkable innovation in regard to employee empowerment. Microsoft
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Microsoft does this by providing every opportunity to all employees. The message that Microsoft sends to its employees is that they can trust that everything will be handled is the best way that they know how. Just reading all the options and benefits that are available to employees it becomes easy for one to see that Microsoft's management cares about its employees. In a statement Microsoft states how important to them as a company that their employees are happy and well taken care of, this instills trust within the employees to know they are cared for. “Microsoft benefits are generous and personalized, to give our employees the coverage they need to keep them healthy and happy (Microsoft official webpage).” It would be hard for an employee to not trust an employer who does care so much about their happiness not just at work but also at home. Microsoft knows that in order for employees to be successful at work they need to be more than just happy with their job, but rather with their lives and Microsoft helps their employees achieve that.
Microsoft’s ability to foster teamwork
Not only does the motivational strategy that is used by Microsoft put an emphasis on the empowerment of it’s employees, Microsoft has also found success with motivating employees by encouraging and implementing teamwork. A key ingredient to the continued success of Microsoft has been in the company’s
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