Mount Franklin Solo Ad Analysis

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Both of the ads that we were given were the Mount Franklin ad and the Solo ad. Mount Franklin is brand that sells water. On the other hand solo is a soft drink that tries to sell their solo bottles and cans. The mount Franklin ad is targeted as a healthy drink that makes you feel happy and involved and the solo ad is looked at the men that drink solo to make them manly and strong. So the point that the solo ad is trying to get across is that if you buy solo and you drink solo it will make you manly and strong. By using sex appeal, Mount Franklin attempts to get everyone to remember the ad and it will make more people want to by that water because the ad is using celebrity endorsement by having Jennifer Hawkins as the character drinking the…show more content…
The first two that I said before was that they both used colours and music. The Solo add was using quick country music because the man was chasing a barrel full of lemons in the country. In the Mount Franklin ad they used music but different type of music for the mood of the ad. Another similar thing that both ads had was that they were both trying to get the audience to go and buy their product so that the company could make money. Both ads try to get a point of their ad because the solo ad tried to tell all the men that if they were to drink solo they would become like a fit and strong man like the guy in the ad. In the mount Franklin ad they aimed at everyone because they were trying to get the point of if you drink mount Franklin you will feel good and apart of the…show more content…
The image with Mount Franklin is that if you drink it you will feel good like Jennifer Hawkins. The image that the Solo ad had that was if you drank their soft drink you would become a man and you will be fit and strong. They were both similar because they used the same group of techniques like they both used music and colours. Both of the ads also used a bit of exaggeration because in the solo one you’re not going to run all across town after a barrel of lemons and just save it before it goes over a cliff. The differences that they both had was that the ads were aimed at different people because the solo ad was specifically meant for men so they can become manly and strong. The Mount Franklin one was aimed at families and children. Both of the ads also had different backgrounds because Solo is mainly yellow most of the background was yellow and in the Mount Franklin ad the colours used were light blue and other light colours. Overall, these ads were trying to get the point across that they wanted people to buy their products using different and some the same persuasive
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