Movie Analysis : ' The Great Background ' Essay

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By: Wei (Elaine) WU In responding to this Reaction Paper assignment, I would first like to begin by summarizing my argument. This story is typically an example of Nativist fiction, or we can called it Hsiang-t’u fiction because of the following four reasons: regionalism setting, medium-low hierarchy characters, little one’s psychological exploration and the challenging of the moral stance. After discussing each of these four reasons, I will conclude by noting three ways in which the time period represented in this story accurately reflects actual events then taking place in Taiwan society and economy. As mentioned above, the first reason this story represents an example of Nativist fiction is its regionalism setting. At the very beginning of the fiction, the author presents the great background of this story: Tongan Street, earliest home in Taipei, especially the residential community around the tailor’s shop. The second reason this story represents an example of Hsiang-t’u fiction is its medium-low hierarchy characters. I will analyze Oba-san, Little one, mother, the woman in dressmaking shop and the office worker these five main characters in this paper and draw more words on Oba-san and main character ’Little one’. Oba-san is a typical Taiwanese rural woman, broad tanned face, bare feet with ten stout toes, talkative even gossipy. But she attached importance to the education. Her one word do touched me a lot “I was born

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