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When deconstructing the aspects that render someone a human being, a logical conclusion that one would arrive to is the concept of love. The film Her is a vivid portrayal of the possible intimate relationship between humans and machines because it evaluates the idea of love and the emotions associated with it as being not just exclusive to humans but is really an intangible, and universal force between two parties. A depiction of a man’s relationship with an artificially intelligent being, on the surface, is a problematic emblem stemming from misconceptions and cultural taboos, but at its fundamental core, the phases of the relationship are no different than what is normally experienced between two humans. From the idyllic beginning, to the maturation of the connection between Theodore and his Operating System (OS) Samantha through intense passion and the coming to terms with each other’s flaws, to the bittersweet end when two individuals eventually grow apart, the film Her gives an honest portrayal of love between two beings as representative of the larger more intimate impact that technology will play in the future. The origins of the the relationship between the main character Theodore and his OS Samantha was very organic and shed light on the forces that will eventually unite man and machine. For years after his divorce, he was alone and depressed. It manifested in his inability to sleep at night. One night in particular, he connected with a woman over a dating service

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