Movie Analysis : ' Wall E '

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Taryn Gray
Professor Buaas
Eng. Comp. II
5 May 2017
Film Analysis Essay Wall-E is an animated science fiction film that was produced by Pixar and directed by Andrew Stanton in 2008. The setting, at the beginning of the movie, is a futuristic depiction of planet earth covered in garbage and filth, which sets the foundation for the environmental message. The creator also uses dancing and music throughout the movie to set the mood for the development of a relationship between Wall-E and Eve. The creators throw in lots of symbolism throughout the movie in order to show what earth/society may come to if we do not change our ways. The seedling is seen throughout the movie and is a symbol for hope and new beginnings for humanity after
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When Wall-E broke the first display system, it was almost like he woke the passenger up, because that was when she finally realized the true beauty of everything surrounding her. The display system serves as an oppressor of existential thought and is symbolic of the societal ignorance. The ship symbolizes the ignorance of humans because it allows everything to be done for them. The passengers can get everything with the push of a button. Wall-E realizes how ignorant people have become because when he boards the ship he sees they have reached a state where all people do is eat while keeping their eyes glued to a display screen. He realizes that all the ship is really doing is dictating peoples’ lives. Auto constantly has the protocol A113 pop up which is symbolic of destroying hope and new beginnings. The repetitive protocol symbolically shows the boring lives people live on the ship. The passengers of the ship live with no desire to have purpose, and they live an inauthentic life that is mapped out for them by the BnL corporation. Wall-E’s actions end up inspiring the passengers (especially the captain) to look for something different and break away from blindly accepting what everyone else is accepting. The lighters that Wall-E collects can be seen as a symbol of the love that is kindling between him
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