Movie Reflection In The Movie 'Drai Santoshi Maa'

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Movie Reflection
In the film “Jai Santoshi Maa” the goddess Santoshi Maa is depicted in many different forms. Santoshi Maa is the “goddess of happiness”, she has many forms in which she provides hope for the people. She wears an elegant sari using the gesture of blessing with her hand, and at when she takes her many different forms she has a very calm demeanor which provides hope for her devotees. This idea of hope is shown in the movie multiple times, Satyawati,who is a very faithful devotee of Santoshi Maa, falls in love with Birju who comes from a farming family. The two are able to get married without any problems but the during this time Parvati, Brahmani, and Lakshmi had noticed that Santoshi Maa had been becoming more and more popular and they get jealous. As a result of this they decide that they wanted to torture Sarasvati as she was a big fan of Santoshi Maa. We see this torment right on the day of the wedding as Satyavati's sister in laws are horrible human beings who do everything in their power to bring her down. They give similar treatment to Birju as well as they disrespect him, they feed him left overs and call him useless. This idea of feeding a son of the family leftover as a sign of disrespect is still prominent in India today, because of the idea that women are suppose to provide the men of the family with fresh cooked food not leftovers. Eventually Birju gets fed-up with all this and leaves the house to prove his worth. When leaving the goddess send a

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