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The movie I decided to watch is called Wedding Crashers. The movie in my opinion is a great movie when you look at it from a sociological standpoint. The two main characters in the movie are John and Jeremy; they’re “wedding crashers.” What they do is go to different weddings of people they have never even met and try and sleep with the bride maids. They use aliases so no one can notice them and they have a whole back story which is completely fake. They act like they’re part of the family by studying the family’s history this way when people ask them questions they can play it off like they’re a long lost relative so no one will know them. They have the wedding and the reception to “pick up” a girl that they can sleep with, if not then they go home empty handed, not once in the movie did they go home empty handed. They also follow a rule book for crashing weddings that was passed down from them from a former crasher named Chaz. A few examples of the rules are: never leave a fellow crasher behind, don’t fall in love, never talk to the parents for too long, these are just a few, and they have a bunch more. The plot of the movie mainly takes place when John meets Claire at a wedding; he and Jeremy are supposed to be crashing. John ends up falling for Claire and everyone can see it, but little does he know Claire has a boyfriend named Sack. Mean-time Jeremy is hooking up with Claire’s sister Gloria, who Jeremy thinks is crazy. Jeremy wants to leave the reception, John wants to

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