Mr. Potato Head Analysis

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Many pop songs today include empowering messages which call attention to inner beauty and self-acceptance. Melanie Martinez’s 2015 song “Mrs. Potato Head” suggests that her listener’s desire to become physically perfect comes from constant media influences. The song’s narrative features a character named Cry Baby, a young girl who begins a lonely journey into self-acceptance. The song uses a classic children’s toy as a visual metaphor for plastic surgery, and how a person may mistake a superficial change for deeper meaningful change. Being a pop song with child-like influences, “Mrs. Potato Head” is intended for the teenagers who were familiar with this toy, and who may be struggling with the mature message behind the song. The singer uses …show more content…

Will a pretty face make it better?
Oh Mr. Potato Head, tell me
How did you afford her surgery?
Do you swear you'll stay forever?
Even if her face don't stay together (12-19)
With the average plastic surgery cost ranging between two and fifteen thousand dollars, plastic surgery for many is out of reach financially. By having a financially successful husband, Mrs. Potato Head risks outliving Mr. Potato Head’s interest when her looks eventually do decline. With all of the pressures of society weighing on her mind, Cry Baby asks, “Will a pretty face make it better?” She wants to know if becoming beautiful will open doors, and protect her from the hardships of life. She wants assurance that she will find permanent love even if her looks do not “stay together”.
Martinez is saying that happiness comes with a price, and those who feel ordinary, can always purchase some self-esteem:
If you want a little more confidence
Potatoes turn to french fries, yeah it's common sense
All you need's a couple more condiments
And a hundred thousand dollars for some compliments …show more content…

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head have been a couple in the media for many years, and by these lyrics the character of Cry Baby is also asking Mr. Potato Head to never leave his wife, no matter what she looks like or if her face does not stay together.
Martinez’s character Cry Baby wonders if pain really is beauty, but not in the way the phrase is usually used. Instead of the physical pain that comes with plastic surgery, she wonders if her mental pain, and everything she has gone through so far in her short life, makes her beautiful as well. In other words, her internal struggles make her stronger, and this strength means beauty. Her beauty comes from within and is centered around something that is more essential to life; the way that she lives and loves. Mrs. Potato Head is a metaphor for “pain is beauty”. Children will pull the pieces of her face off and put new ones on, however this pain will make her only physically beautiful in the end, leaving her hollow and empty on the inside. Throughout her song, Martinez tries to reach out to fans of all ages to let them know that “pain is beauty” is not only about looks, but that the internal pain is beautiful as well. Emotions contribute to overall beauty, and that no amount of plastic surgery can achieve what will make you feel good

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