Much About Nothing Marriage Analysis

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The relevance of love has been a forever topic to discuss in Literature pieces. William Shakespeare is a fan of the love theme. In his comedy Much About Nothing, he illustrates two couples- Claudio&Hero and Benedick&Beatrice- which conduct two attributes of romantic love and marriage that are entirely different from each other. If Claudio and Hero are more to an arranged marriage(They know merely about each other before the wedding) as most of the couples in Elizabeth era are, Benedick and Beatrice fall in love first then decide to marry like people do today. Today, few have submitted to arranged marriages; more people, like Benedick and Beatrice, get to choose their spouse based on love. While Claudio and Hero are more about the duty of getting married, the marriage between Benedick and Beatrice is more about love; they represent two views of love and marriage in Shakespeare's era.
It is doubtful that Claudio and Hero love each other. Claudio's "love" to Hero shifts too fast in the play. In Act 5, he has just discovered Hero's betrayal and denounces her in public in their wedding. Then when he realizes Hero is framed in Act 5, Hero's image suddenly "appears in the rare semblance that I loved it first."(V,1,244-245) It is so ironic to see Claudio is saying he loves Hero for he could not trust her in
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Claudio and Hero are the couple fall to convention; Beatrice and Benedick are the couple fall to affection. Shakespeare presents the two perspectives of love and marriage that still apply to the 21st century. Although people could hardly find arranged marriage today, many marriages result from what is called Men Dang Hu Dui, which is an old Chinese saying means a marriage between families of equal status and the duty of marriage, particularly in Asia. It is interesting to see how the marriage evolves and vary
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