Essay about Multicultural Manners

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The nation is becoming more multicultural. More immigrants and refugees are arriving each year, and with globalization occurring, students should expect to deal with people from different cultures more than ever. If the students do not have adequate training, they could easily offend a member from a different culture. True, students should have had at least one class in Intercultural Communication, or taken other classes to prepare them for study-abroad. If a student is planning to go to France during their junior or senior year, they have studied the language and expectations of the culture. However, some classes do not have time to cover all topics related to cultures. In addition, students that are not planning to study abroad …show more content…

It is not surprising that he is shocked when every time he tries to complete a deal, he fails. He does not know why he is not having any success; he has studied the language, what went wrong? Well, if this student had proper intercultural training before he left, he would have known that he was making some big mistakes, the biggest one was thinking that every business setting worked like America’s business setting. The Multicultural Manners book would have provided answers to his question. For example, he may have tried to greet the Japanese business partners with a hug and eye contact. However, under the “Body Language” section of Multicultural Manners, it specifies that when around the Japanese keep eyes downward and avoid body contact (Dresser 15-16). In the “Miscellany” section, it says to accept a card from a business Japanese partner with both hands and a slight bow. Then read the card a little, shake hands and bow again. Afterwards, the card should go into the front pocket of a jacket or card case, never in the back pocket. If the American business student wishes to give the Japanese business collaborates a card, he should have English on one side and Japanese on the other (Dresser 155-156). Lastly, under the same section it mentions that when during business practices, avoid getting straight to business. Establish a friendship with your business

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