Multiculturalism And On Self Identity

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The Central Theme in the forth chapter of On Being Different is about Multiculturalism and on self identity. The way that we view ourselves is different than how others might view us.
What was the article about?:
What we as individuals refer to ourselves can be different then how others view us. Self identity is a topic that comes up a lot when first being introduced to someone new. Everyone has a different background.
Even though one might have been born in America they still go back to their family roots and are referred to as that: example: Mexican American. The way that we as individuals ourselves is how other perceive us. We all coexist with each other, so it is only a matter of time before we pick up on others traits and traditions. We do still keep ethnicity and racial differences. That is something that cannot be changed. Shared interest and experiences get people together. Multiculturalism is a movement throughout. People have all come together as one and thus seek the same equality and the same type of treatment. It is only fair for everyone in the same environment to get the same type of treatment and expectations. This includes men and women receiving the same rights as human beings, prejudice and discrimination does still exist …show more content…

I like how it explains that people do view themselves as one thing but to others it can be something else. Myself for example: I related to the story at the beginning of the chapter about the gentleman that was saying that he was Mexican but was born Spanish really: I was born in the United States but I consider myself Mexican America. After reading this it made me wonder why I consider myself this, if I have lived in America for pretty much my entire life. The only things I know about the way of life in Mexico is what my parents would tell us and the stories they had about growing up. I know nothing about the Mexican life. So why do I not consider myself just

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