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User generated is used to help describe content such as video, blogs, digital images, audio files and other media which is created by consumers or end-users online which is publicly available for other individuals. It reshaping museum through opening the dialogue, breaking down the walls inaccessibility and making visitor a part of the exhibit. Opening the dialogue is the traditional experience becoming a dialogue which is where individuals share their visit to the museum. Through user content such as social media, the visitor lets other individuals know their highlights of the museum. Through this, it gives museums a new voice but also can give a new perspective of museums such as a behind the scenes of a museum which isn’t access to …show more content…

It helps illustrate as a new way of organising a city through urban culture and modernity. This help changes the relation between the producers and the industries as it focuses on the city the consumption and society especially within a public space which resonates the world of museumization. Arcades are important due to the new design of an industrial luxury feel which has a glass cover and marble flooring. Arcades were important to the changing nature of cities from the 19th century due the change and improvement of technology, art, capital, industries, luxury and excess in a way that is a contrivance. As Benjamin saw societies within industries to have a role of the arcades which would “become images in the collective consciousness” which would transfigure and transcend which would inspire and enhance the collective towards the service within capitalism which will help change the cities nature (Benjamin 1969:166). The different material is used for these arcades which open the world up to be more of a museum like a city which will help with industrial design and innovation with activities, atmosphere, desires, attitudes towards a more contemporary lifestyle and a new way of seeing the city. Overall, the arcades are important to illustrate the changing nature of cities due to the transition of

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