Music And Its Effect On Education

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Music incorporated into education is very beneficial in numerous ways. Having music apart of your classroom will stimulate a student socially, cognitively, emotionally, and physically. One does not need to have to be knowledgeable about music to incorporate it into your classroom.

Bringing Education to Life with Music Incorporating music into education courses will further achievement in multiple areas of learning. Education combined with music accommodates building language, confidence, creativity, open mindedness, and a stress free student. Also, it enhances brain development, physical coordination, and memory, visual and listening skills. Music makes learning exciting and enjoyable.
I feel that every classroom/school should have songs, cheers, and chants it will suppot a sense of community, belonging, and purpose. Songs and chants can be useful in the classroom for transitions, memorization tools, and brain breaks. Playing a song or saying a chant for transitions between lessons or cleanup will maintain the transitions flow smoothly and assist students to identify different parts of the day. When using music to transition in the classroom, its best to state guidelines such as, clean up should be done before the song ends, singing shouldn’t be louder than the music, and mild dancing is encouraged. Help control a classroom environment
Playing or singing a welcome song when students enter the classroom may encourage them to feel welcome and ready to learn.
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