Music And Music Essay

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Music is a big part of many peoples day to day lives, from blasting music on long car rides, to attending concerts with thousands of other people, music is a pretty big deal to the population. Although, many of those people do not know how much the music they listen to affects the development and presentation of their personality. Around the world, kids are taught about music from the second they are born, whether it is their mother singing them a lullaby or the alphabet song. Music is used as way for people to express themselves and their emotions. Music has an effect on a person’s personality development and presentation, because it can be used to teach and build necessary information during childhood, link receptors for memory, predict a personality based on musical interests, and represent underlying psychological issues. Most personality development happens during childhood, that is often why when someone has a psychological disorder or problem, a psychologist will look into their childhood for information on that could be linked to the disorder (Schwartz and Gregory). As a child, school systems often use music as a way to teach children in a way that’s fun and memorable. There are countless songs from childhood, that people still remember to this day, such as: Mary had a Little Lamb, Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Alphabet Song, etc. Even later into education, schools still use little songs to help teach students necessary information. As a student continues in school, they

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