Music And Music Essay

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People are always listening to music anywhere they go with whatever they are doing. Music is playing when people are at work. Many students listen to music while doing homework or studying. Athletes listen to music when warming up or just to get prepared for the competition. People listen to music while they exercise. Often, music is playing when someone is cleaning. Not only do people listen to music while doing different things, they listen to different types of music at different times. When someone is in a certain mood, then the type of music they choose can vary. People tend to listen to music when they stress and are trying to relax. Sometimes a person will avoid certain songs because of how it makes them feel. Often music can change a person’s mood. Most people just naturally play music all of the time, almost like it is a habit and do not think about it, but music has many effects on the human body. Some elements of the human body that are affected by music are emotions or moods, memory, learning and studying, physical elements, and stress.
One effect of listening to music is that it can “control” moods. Sometimes, “some people use music to control their mood as much as they use alcohol or caffeine,” (Sarchet 2015). Usually people will listen to different types of music according to different moods. When someone is upset, they tend to listen to music that is interpreted as sad or gloomy music. Sometimes a person’s mood will change according to the

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