Music And Painting From 20th Century Western Music History

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Yaojun Song Mus114 Sam Music and Painting During the study of 20th-century Western music history in this class, I found out there are may same movements of art and music. I took 20th century Art history as well so there is always the comparison of them in my mind. Music and art appear to be two different art forms. Music is both auditory art, but also an art of time and movement. Music express musicians’ feelings through sound, it will create images in the mind of the viewer for them to have a variety of feelings, and to elicit in the viewer emotional resonance. Painting is a visual art, space art. It is static. Painters use lines, shades and other forms to sketched out some figurative or abstract pattern. It provide visually to the viewer a strong impression and cause them reflect a variety of emotions, resulting in aesthetic stimulation. Music and painting each is done through a different medium with different means of artistic expression. They both convey people the author’s expression of the content and emotion. Many artists themselves are both musicians and painters, such as Kandinsky, Schoenberg, Leonardo da Vinci and extra. One of the great examples is Wassily Kandinsky. He is one of the representatives of Russian expressionism painter. He also was a man versed in music. He is a friend of expressionist music composer, Schoenberg. By listening to Schoenberg 's works, he felt "like a recklessly in front of the same lines in countless dance." Since Kandinsky

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