Music Experience At The Miami University Jazz Essay

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Live Music Experience Paper
When a genre of music becomes mainstream, its creation is no longer dictated by art and the need to create art, but instead, for commercial gain. Thus the music loses its originality, it loses its authenticity, and worst of all it loses its culture, without culture, the music can be likened to a BLT sandwich without bacon, for no matter how skillfully prepared, it lacks an integral part of itself, and cannot possibly be whole. This is exactly the phenomenon I observed when I attended the Miami University Jazz Ensemble’s concert for my ethnographic research. This phenomenon is evident in the way the musicians interacted with one another and their audience, the demographic of the audience, and the manner in which the show flowed. Before attending the concert, I anticipated a powerful performance guided by a deep culture cultivated over the ages by the likes of Cab Calloway and Dizzy Gillespie; I expected the culture to coat each note and the history to pierce each chord. But instead, I was met with a vapid, yet skillful performance of well-known Jazz pieces from different styles of Jazz ranging from classic blues to Latin jazz.
The Miami University Jazz Ensemble played the concert, the ensemble is directed by Dr. Jeremy Long and featured Phil DeGreg on piano. The event took place at the Miami University Hall Auditorium on Tuesday, October 18th, 2016. The Ensemble consists of mostly male first and second-year Miami University undergraduate students

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