Music In The Film : The Sound Of Music

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The Sound of Music For my first paper, I decided to choose a film I had heard a lot about but had never seen, The Sound of Music. This film was released in 1965 and was an instant hit around the country. It broke the record for most box office hits of all time and it really brought out the light in musicals. It has a lot of significance in film history because it was one of the first major musicals. There had not been a lot of musicals before this film and with how successful this film was it paved the way for musicals to be more successful in the future.
The film starts off with Maria who is a young woman who is studying to become a nun. She is very full of life and free spirted and this rubs some of the nuns the wrong way. The head nun decides to send Maria to a retired Naval Captains house to be the governess for his seven children. She brings her high spirits to her new job as the governess. The captain’s wife passed away so he has been raising them by strict military discipline. There have been many governess’ before Maria but she is determined to stay. Maria soon wins the hearts of the children and eventually the Captain himself. She teaches the kids how to properly dance and sing. This really impresses the Captain. Maria soon finds out though that the captain is engaged to the baroness, so she returns to the nuns. While she is there she is miserable and the head nun tells her to go get her life back. When Maria returns, she wins the heart of the Captain and they

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