My 4th Dimensions

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The 4th Dimension is the Creative Self. The idea of this dimension is to provide creative ways in order to promote a positive impact in the world and those who surrounds us. There are 5 different creative ways to do this : having a positive humor, working, thinking, feeling a sense of control of our lives and through our emotions. The element of thinking is based on the creative ways to develop solutions when facing an adversity as well as having a positive mind. Avoiding negative thoughts can be really helpful. I have always been a really positive person and optimistic. When it comes to times where I feel stressed or sad about what is happening, I always find myself looking for positive aspects that will make me feel better about myself…show more content…
According to the book “People who have realistic expectations when they face difficult life events tend to respond with more resilience than those who have no anticipation or those who expects the worst.” In order to have realistic expectations it is important to examine our own belief and the people who surround us. Personally, I consider that overall I am a person who “has its feet on the ground”, therefore I am able to face up to difficult situations and work hard to achieve my goals. I am aware of the talents that God has provided me and also the things that I am not exactly good at it.Our mission in this world as human beings should be help others and engage in different service opportunities in a way to share those talents that were given to each one of us. Working and sharing with others is a way of having control of our lives and our destiny. For me, it is important to handle carefully every situation I encounter and therefore be in control of the present and the future events. It is important to have realistic expectations of ourselves and those who surrounds us. Every time I am facing an adversity, I always try to find solutions on how to solve my problems and how will that benefit me in the future or if not how does that adversity help me grow as a person. Enhancing our creative skills helps us to overcome challenges and face adversity with a positive mind and
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