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Today was my second day on labor and delivery. When Grace and I first arrived, we were sent to change. After Grace and I changed into our scrubs, we went to the front desk to receive our tasks. A registered nurse (RN) asked us if we would like to see a vaginal birth or a caesarean section (c-section). I choose to watch a c-section, and Grace decided to observe a vaginal birth. Once we decided on who would do what, we went our separate ways. I followed the RN nurse who was to assist and prep the operating room (OR). She first went into the clean utility room, where she picked up essentials for the surgery. When everything was gathered and prepared, we had to sit and wait for the patient who had arrived late. The RN would check the …show more content…

The patient was in a lot of pain and it was hard to comfort her. After the epidural the patient was to lie down. Once the patient was laying down, the RN then inserted a catheter into the patients bladder. Then the three surgeons walked into the room, they washed their hands and were being helped by the nurses to get ready with their personal protective equipment. Once they were ready, there was a short screen covering the patient from seeing what was being done to her. The anesthesiologists played music to sooth the patient who was awake for the procedure with her husband a long her side. The surgeon made an incision in the lower abdomen. He then began to burn the sub cutaneous tissue, and then the rectus abdominis muscle. The urachus was then help by forceps and the parietal peritoneum was cut to enter the peritoeal cavity. They would suck the blood coming out with a machine. They then made an incision on the lower uterine segment. After the incision, the babies head was now visible. Everyone was rushing once the baby’s head was visible! There was a lot of blood coming out of the catheter inserted into the uterus. Two of the surgeons began pushing the baby’s head out of the uterus while pushing the skin further a part with a lot of pressure. They then performed immediate resuscitation before handing the baby over to the two neonatologist. Then they cut the umbilical cord, show the baby to the mother for about a second, and then the two

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