My American Dream

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On the American Dream test created by the Ford Foundation, I received a 53 out of 100. I expected a score around here so I was not too shocked but it does still help me remain grateful for everything that I have been given. This score does seem extremely accurate because I have been extremely fortunate to have grown up in an upper class home in one of the safest and affluent neighborhoods in the city of Chicago. However, I expected my score to be higher than the minimum because I have worked very hard for my finances. The factors that helped me move up were that I was put in the best position available from society’s view point as a white male which has kept me away from most discrimination. This put together with being raised by both of my parents in a safe, affluent neighborhood away from crime and danger while in good health has driven my score lower. Having a very steady childhood with both of my parents remaining in good health while married, happily or not, has helped keep me closer to the ideal “American dream”. Growing up in such an amazing place while attending private schools through high school, I have always been pushed to do better and that my standards are never high enough. One privilege that has always helped me is my parent’s dedication to my education. Escaping urban oppression in the Chicago Public Schools, my private education helped me with my acceptance into one of Chicagoland area’s most prestigious and challenging high schools.
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