My Career Goals

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One of the most important decisions I made was to enroll in college to further education. At this point in my life, I need the flexibility to complete my degree while managing my home life and work life. Obtaining my college degree will provide me with opportunities and make me more competitive once I leave military service. This paper will illustrate how I will accomplish my goal of attaining my college degree. I will highlight my career goals, time management techniques and study methods for academic success.
My Strategy for College Success
Returning to school was an important step for me in self-improvement, to be more self-sufficient and to be more competitive after my military service. As an active duty service member, I have to schedule my studies around my work life, home life and social life. I am motivated to work towards and accomplish my goal. To be successful in my academic career, I have to ensure I manage my time well, have a well-developed study plan and know my career goals.
Career Goals
My career goal is to earn my Associate degree in Business Administration. I choose to get a business degree because it can be applied to every job setting within our society. The knowledge and skills I will learn from my classes can make me more marketable to potential employers. Three classes that relate to my degree plan are Finance, Business Law and Professionalism in the Workplace.
Another class I took for my degree was Global Business. In this class, we learned the

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