My Challenges as a Systems Engineer at Essay

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Cloud Computing has radically changed the way businesses and consumers leverage technology both professionally and personally. Unlike traditional solutions, cloud-based solutions have not only accelerated the process of IT deployment and process execution but also reduced the burden of ownership to companies. My experience at Infosys Ltd. has acquainted me with this facet of Cloud Computing and given me a chance to work with one of the most innovative company in this field,
My challenges as a Systems Engineer, working on the Level 3 Release Management Team for Motorola Solutions (client), included development, enhancement and deployment of functionalities on the platform. Creating Apex classes, …show more content…

To this end, I feel a master’s degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Distributed Computing and Databases would help me gain a more comprehensive understanding of these two technologies and provide the ideal launching pad for my entrepreneurship venture.
Projects at Infosys have given me invaluable experience in different phases of software development cycle including requirements gathering, design, development and production support. My first project, where I was part of a large maintenance program for Intel (client), required me to support several middleware services implemented in technologies like SAP-XI, TIBCO, Web methods 8.2, and BizTalk. My responsibilities included monitoring applications, gateways and servers, managing tickets, bug fixing and roll out to productions. Direct interactions with the client taught me how to organize, automate, and synchronize the support services and finally, how to build customer loyalty. Working on various EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) technologies familiarized me well with the production support phase of the software development. Management and handling of the gateways and servers, used by Intel for transactions worth millions of dollars, induced a deep sense of responsibility in me and gave the confidence to manage big projects.
The undergraduate curriculum at Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management & Engineering (MPSTME) exposed me

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