Cloud Computing Essay

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Cloud Computing—Technology at Its Best Donna Hare Ashford University Computer Literature—INF 103 Mortoza Abdullah September 3, 2012 Table of Contents Introduction3 Definition “What is Cloud Computing?”4-5 History of Cloud Computing5-6 Cloud Computing Services6-7 Examples of Cloud Computing8 Cloud Computing Infrastructure/Service Models9-10 Characteristics of Cloud Computing10-11 The Latest Innovation of Cloud Computing11-12 The Latest Invention of Cloud Computing12-14 Privacy Concerns14-18 Conclusion19 References20 CLOUD COMPUTING INTRODUCTION Cloud computing is somewhat like the sun on a cloudy day; you cannot see it, but you know it is there. You do not get to see what is on the other side of the…show more content…
Almost all modern day characteristics of cloud computing were thoroughly explored in Douglas Parkhill’s book, “The Challenge of the Computer Utility.” With global availability of high capacity networks, low cost computers and storage devices and the widespread adoption of hardware virtualization, service oriented architecture, autonomic, and utility computing have led to tremendous growth in cloud computing. Moving forward 30 years to 1997, is when the term “cloud computing” was first used by information systems professor Ramnath Chillappa. Within a few years, companies began switching from hardware to cloud services; they were attracted to the benefits like the reduction in capital costs as well as an easing in IT staff; the number one benefit being efficiency. Cloud computing is a big concern for IT workers because it is a “on-demand self-service,” which allows users to obtain, configure, and deploy cloud services themselves using cloud catalogs. In an attempt to gain a competive edge, businesses are increasingly looking for new and innovative ways to cut cost while maximizing value—especially now, during a global economic downturn. Businesses realize they need to grow and are simultaneously under pressure to save money. Moving to cloud computing can help organizations survive in tough economic times; equipping them with the
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