My Classroom Management Philosophy

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My philosophy of education is that all children have a right to learn and to grow mentally. Each student’s needs should be met and not used against them. I believe all teachers should strive to make a long-lasting impression on each student. I do not want my students growing up and feeling that they didn’t have a single teacher help lead them in the right direction. It is important for me that my classes all include every student and that we all respect each other. Establishing good classroom management is beneficial for both the teacher and the students. Classroom management has been proven to be a major role in the behaviors of students. Like the Wong theorists, I believe establishing classroom procedures is beneficial for the students.…show more content…
As Building Classroom Discipline suggest, my first day of class would be ready for instruction and inviting. I will plan a lot for the students to do, even if we can’t get around to it. This helps cut student aimlessness by keeping them busy. Each student will also be given an assigned seat (Charles, 2011). Students will be required to raise their hand and wait to be called on. If a student does not follow this, I will remind students again, to get called on they must raise their hands. If any students persist and yell out, I will ask them to change the color on their behavior chart. This chart will reinforce the behavior that I want students to demonstrate. If by the end of the week they have a green card or stars, I will gift them a cool pencil. I will have some rules established already but to build a classroom community, I will ask students to help me come up with five class rules. Students will feel that they have a say in the class and that they matter. This also promotes decision making, which students need to gain autonomy and independence. Beside the five class rules, I will post the consequences for breaking a rule. For the consequences, I will use logical consequences. Scholastic states, logical sequences are a way to help fix problems that result from students' words and actions when they break or forget rules. They help…show more content…
I plan to help foster this in my students by allowing them to make choices. As mentioned before, students will help make five classroom rules to follow. Asking students open-ended questions is also great for allowing students to make their own choices. These questions promote individual thinking, where they peruse their own curiosities. Another way to help students make their own choices on their behavior is giving another student a positive reinforcement. If another student is behaving well and you praise them, the misbehaving student might stop and evaluate their behavior. They take that moment to adjust their behavior so they can also receive praise. To help promote student autonomy I will allow them to choose their own groups sometimes. They will also be allowed to choose what materials they plan on using when it comes to projects. My plan is to encourage decision
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