My Company With A Crm Implementation

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This case study that I am discussing is about my earlier company in India which was in the Telecom industry. Since there was an extremely stiff competition in the telecom industry, companies in the telecom business were adopting to new technological imperatives in order to outperform their competitors. Hence my company also chose to implement CRM solution which will connect all business users, stakeholders, inter-departmental executives so that all business processes are automated and the efficiency of operations is improved. CRM signified identifying the needs of the customers and stretching out ways and means to satisfy them. In this perspective CRM was not merely treated as a technology, it also had implications in the strategy formulation for the organization.

My organization partnered with a CRM implementation company to develop and implement customizable solution for us which will help us improve upon the operational efficiency and effectiveness . After careful study of our company’s existing processes and discussions with key stakeholders, the consulting company advised us to follow agile practices. The other software development models and methods are listed here below : 1. Waterfall model
2. V model
3. Incremental model 4. RAD model 5. Agile model
6. Iterative model
7. Spiral model During the three month assignment, the consultant had multiple sessions, formed logical teams, participated in meetings and shared information with each
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