My Company 's Responsibilities Of The Largest Patient Services Organization Essay

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I was the principal technology strategist and overall lead in one of my company’s engagements with one of the largest patient services organization in USA. This organization serviced pharmaceutical industry and had their patient services platforms for hire as and when they launched a high price drugs. Our hiring organization was part of a Fortune 40 parent company that had many similar divisions under its umbrella. Although our hiring organization made up only 2% of total revenue for the parent company, it contributed over 10% in profits; thus, it had a huge impact in the overall profitability of the parent organization. Over the years, the operating margin on our client’s side had been in decline. Expenses on information technology (18%) were in general far outpacing growth in revenue (13%). Our hiring organization had acquired several companies over the past few years and had difficulty in consolidating operations from various patient services platforms into a single platform. Thus, their applications portfolio had grown to include four patient services platforms with 80+ distinct implementations that were all unique in some respect. Besides the issue of having a multitude of patient services platforms in operation, large technology debt and the evolving complexity in the healthcare business were identified as the three major reasons for the upward trajectory in the hiring company’s increasing information technology expenses. The main purpose of our engagement was
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