Strategic Leadership Of A Health Care Organization Essay

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Strategic leadership in healthcare is the act of transforming a health care organization so that its daily functioning matches the organization’s vision, core values, the cultures it serves, as well as organization’s culture, organizational climate and structure. In implementing strategic leadership, managers and healthcare executives can gain a greater sense of clarity in the changes that need to be made so that the organization can reach its full potential. Healthcare leaders can also make stronger connections internally and externally, with incorporating strategic leadership, to help the organization grow and expand the organization’s reputation, while contribute to the organization’s well-being.
Why is strategic leadership more impactful than functional operational leadership, which typically involves a specific goal and the governing of resources to obtain a certain goal?
• Mutually dependent: The strategic leader views the healthcare organization as interdependent and interconnected so that the actions and decisions of one department of the organization should be mindful of that it impacts on other departments. Every aspect of an organization impacts another. Whether it is the staff, the patients, management, or the overall organization. For example, a patient will determine if he likes the services offered at a facility by the staff’s professionalism and attitude toward him. If one staff member is unprofessional that patient will most likely not return for services.

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