My Culture And Cultural Identity

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Culture. This simple term expresses an entirely complex meaning. It broadly defines who a person is from their social class all the way to their nationality. If one was to ask the average person, “What is your cultural identity?” they would respond with an answer as simply as, “I am Indian.” If given the chance to ponder the question and to really dig deep and discover the true meaning of it, some may discover a whole new part of themselves that they have never put much thought into. During class, when we first started the topic of cultural identity, I was completely puzzled. I never thought about who I am with much care until now. Since I have had the chance to contemplate this question, I would come to the conclusion that my cultural identity is based mostly around my aunt and my parents.
During my grandmother’s pregnancy, she found out that her lovely daughter would be diagnosed with Down syndrome (DS). This news released a fear within my family. During this time in India, when children were born special, they were not treated well. They would get hit and abused and would not feel loved. Many people in the town or cities would not let special children into restaurants or to even look at them. Fortunately, my aunt was one of the few children who was loved and nurtured. She grew up with two loving brothers and two amazing parents. During her young ages while she was growing up, the doctors in India predicted that she would only live up to age 11. This struck a nerve
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