My Culture And Cultural Identity

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Cultural Identity Can events, clothing, and food describe who you are in your culture? Growing up I was always ashamed of my culture, being embarrassed of knowing how to speak Spanish and the songs in Spanish that I would always listen to secretly because I did not want to be different from anyone else. But very recently, over the summer, I have learned to embrace and love my culture. I learned a lot about my culture by going to Mexico and attending parties, and seeing the traditions usually over there come and emigrate here. When I first really saw how much I liked my culture was when went to a party, but especially when I had my quinceañera in Mexico. Music played was lively, loud, live by a band, and easy to dance to. Music can range, as there is banda, grupera, mariachi, norteño, and ranchera, but I prefer banda. The food served is traditionally a type of crispy pulled pork called carnitas with red rice and often served with a chocolatey, spicy sauce called mole. Every meal like this is often served with a pack of foil wrapped tortillas. While the music is playing and everyone is enjoying the music, there is usually a series of events that happen. For a quinceañera, the quinceañera does a series of dances, called la entrada (the entrance) and el vals (the very magical waltz). El baile sorpresa (surprise dance) is often followed by el vals and is a way for the quinceañera to show off some skills she has by dancing with the chambelanes (the court) or her family. After

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