My Day Of My Volunteering Program At The University Of Florida

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I reluctantly took a step back as I stared at the commodious bleach white building towering above me. I have not been here for years and I instantly feel my stomach erupt in butterflies. Today was the first day of my volunteering program at the University of Florida. I stand outside in the clammy incalescence Florida weather dredging to go inside the enormous superstructure that reads HOSPITAL in big red letters. My first impulse is to turn around and whisk back home, but all I can hear is my mother’s stern voice saying “You need to this, this opportunity will look amazing on your college application.” I wiped my sweating hands on my dark blue jeans and with all my pugnacity I walked through the scratching automatic doors. My…show more content…
As the elevator doors open I immediately see colorful walls and the greenest carpet I have ever seen. The nurse looked at me and smiled “This is the pediatric floor, just keep following me.” I continued following the nurse down the hall and as I looked up I saw tiles on the ceiling with different drawings on each one and different names. We reached two double doors that was opened by a gray button the nurse pushed. As the double doors open children were revealed, they were no older than ten years old and looked sick. It did not take me very long to notice tubes covering their small bodies and as I looked up I saw each of the hairless heads. I gasped as I realized they were cancer children and notice the yellowish colored chemotherapy drip through their ivs to their fragile bodies. Immediately I think back to when I was seven years old in the hospital everyday visiting my grandfather. Walking through those hospital doors seeing my grandpa’s hairless head and the pain he went through. I intensely remembered the grief my family went through when he got cancer and as I look at these children I would not want them to go through what my grandfather went through. I assume the nurse saw my facial expression and she said “I guess you didn’t know you were going to working with cancer kids?” I slowly shook my head but the nurse just grinned “Don’t be too alarmed then may look sick and fragile, but that doesn’t slow them down. I have come to learn that
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