My Educational Experience

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The Obstacles Got Me Here! Throughout my life, I have grown up around individuals with exceptionalities. I was taught, judging other individuals is never the answer. Instead I had to learn to understand why others had different struggles growing up than me. I gained a good sense of understanding from my mom. My mother has worked in the healthcare field for the past 16 years. She has experience in managing and working in group home settings as well as assisted living programs. During this time, I have volunteered to help with various activities such as calling bingo, serving food and supplying entertainment for my mother’s residents. These experiences have helped mold me into the person I am today. Through these experiences, I gained the feeling of happiness by spending time with children and extraordinary people. More importantly, my past experiences have excited me to work in a classroom with children of different ages, backgrounds and exceptionalities. From the time I was in fifth grade, I wanted to become an elementary teacher. It simply started when I realized how much I loved school and my teachers. Then, as I was grew up, I gained a better understanding of individuals with exceptionalities. I learned that I could fall in love with working in special education as well as elementary education. I have had great experiences at being a teacher’s assistant in various classrooms and getting to work with children of all different ages and backgrounds. Some children grow up

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