My Educational Philosophy Of Education

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My Education Philosophy There are five basic areas of philosophy regarding education. I am going to discuss the two that are nearest to my own educational philosophy. The aim of Perennialism philosophy of education is to ensure that all students receive an educational understanding about the ideas of Western civilization. They emphasize the rational thinking ability of students. With Perennialism they feel that correct and critical thinking should be the primary objective of all students and teachers. Whereas the Essentialist philosophy is the belief that all students should be taught a core of common knowledge in an organized and controlled process. Educators should prepare students for life with the sound practical education. The focus is that educators should instill good morale values, downplaying vocational courses. Essentialist have a firm belief of “back to basics” approach to education. Although both Perennialism and Essentialism have excellent ideas, they also have some issues. I read through both philosophies and found points from each philosophy that I felt would assist me with forming my philosophy along with the assistance of some very influential people in my life. My father and a couple of teachers I had in the past influenced me in the framing of my philosophy. The most important person to have influenced me is my father. Donald Weaver. His biggest influence is what I see as his philosophy of life, which he lives by daily. My father has always believed…
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