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Having already interviewed my mom last semester about parenting, I was excited to learn more about her work life and how her experiences have made her the amazing person she is today. I chose to interview my mother about work experiences because she has worked a lot of jobs in her lifetime and through her stories I have seen how she has progressed and accomplished many of her goal. My mom still has many goals in her career that she wants to meet, and I believe that someday soon she will be able meet them with no problems at all. Motivation, determination, courage, successful. This is just a small list of the traits that my mom possesses and with these she can do anything she sets her mind too. Having worked a variety of different …show more content…

In October 2010, she started a new role as the Plant Training Manager. While exceeding all of the expectation for this role, she had the privilege to build an entirely new training system for this plant. Managing to keep her education goals in sight, in May 2013 she graduated from Roosevelt University with a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership. She specifically remembers being overwhelmed with joy as my siblings and I cheered for her as she walked across the stage to receive her diploma. Once she received her degree, working hard and her quality education opened up new opportunities for her.
January 2013 was the biggest career transition for her so far. That is when she began a salaried position as a Human Resource Specialist. Once again, she excelled in that role and took on much more responsibility. She was then promoted to her current role as a Human Resource Generalist in 2015. She has enjoyed being a lifelong learner and looks forward to expanding her education. She is actively pursuing a Human Resource Certification and is also contemplating a master’s degree. Because Hershey has a tuition reimbursement program, she thinks why not take advantage of it. Although all of this story seems easy, she had some rough patches throughout her career progression.
When asked if she has ever been treated differently because she was female, she had a surprised look on

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