When I Started School At Ecpi And Burton Orthodontics

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When I started school at ECPI, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after graduation. All I knew is I wanted to graduate and get a career fast. This what up until I had an interview with a wonderful, young lady named Katrina. A simple woman who loves traveling, boating, and gardening, but behind the simple things in life, Katrina has a very complex career as a Business Manager at Butterfoss and Burton Orthodontics. Katrina has been working at Butterfoss and Burton since 1990. When she started, she had a simple receptionist job, her title was clinical assistant. Her duties included answering and making phone calls, making appointments, and checking patients in and out. In 2006, the business manager in the office was retiring, giving Katrina…show more content…
All staff meets briefly to make everyone aware of how many patients are booked; how many appointments are confirmed; and how many appointments are available. Staff is also informed of who will be out, who will be late, and what things need to be done if time permits, so that priorities for the day may be established.” (Schuman, August 2015) Recently, the business has opened a third location. These locations are Grafton, Hampton, and Gloucester, all in Virginia. Katrina has had her hands full since the third location opened. She travels between locations all week, sometimes all three in one day. When there is more paperwork then office work, Katrina is able to work from home every once in awhile, which she loves. Katrina forcefully stated, “You really need to have great self-discipline in order to work from home. You think you can get it done when you can, but you can’t. You get up just like a normal workday, and set up like you are in the office.” Katrina never thought when she was younger she would have a career as a Business Manager. When she graduated high school in Florida, she wanted to be a Registered Nurse, like her mother. She even graduated college with her Associate’s in Nursing. She was a nurse for a few years. While nursing, she met her husband, whom was a military man. After she was married the couple moved to Virginia, where she
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