My Experience At The Art Department

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Everyone has a passion in life - mine is art. Not going to galleries and looking at paintings by artists from the 1800s but using paint and pencils to show me and my life. The saying " A picture shows a thousand words" which is very true but in my case a painting shows a thousand emotions.

I 've never hated school but I 've always loved being in the art department. All the different possibilities, the different sizes of paper. It is somewhere that I feel as if I am me and nothing will ever change that. Picking up a paintbrush and letting my imagination run wild has always been so much easier than showing anyone my emotions. From red to blue, black to yellow, there is a colour to represent how I am feeling. The colour wheel never lets me down, unlike the people in my life.

Growing up I 've never had a favourite colour. I loved everything about colour. I found it fascinating that red and blue can make purple, red and yellow make orange, yellow and blue make green. It is astonishing, how could two colours make one completely different colour?! I never could get my head around it. I never really understood why you would want to mix two colours until I fell in love with art along with everything else to do with it. Suddenly it made sense people mix colours to give them something else. Why? Each shade shows something different, from the darkest of reds to the brightest yellow - they all have a reason behind them. When you make a colour, it is unique. I can make six different…
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