My Experience In My Life

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For most of my life I had not put much effort into my looks or health. I prided myself with my intelligence but was unhappy with how my body looked. I thought it was silly to be so concerned with my mental strength but not my physical. Until my sophomore year I was overweight and did not have much of a social life. My freshman year of high school just ended and it was summer. I was bored most of the time because I didn’t have anything to do during the day. The last week of school is when I decided I wanted to start working out and make fitness a focus in my life. When summer started, my dad tried to teach me how to use some of the equipment at the YMCA. I wanted to lose weight but was not eager to use the Y’s facilities. I thought it was such a waste of time to go work out after school when I could be doing anything else. So I started going to the YMCA every day when summer started. The first time I walked in to do a workout by myself all the details of the place started to flow into me. I noticed the plain ordinary looking building on the outside. It looked sort of big and welcoming from the outside but once I stepped inside the building appeared the opposite of friendly. There were two rooms, an adult workout area and a children’s room. I was a child so naturally I entered the little kid room. I rehearsed a workout with my dad the day before and prepared to do the first thing on that list. I made my way to the elliptical on the other side of the room. As I passed the

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