My Experience In Writing

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I’ve been surrounded by words my whole life. My parents would speak to me before I was even born and continued to talk to me after being born. Without words there would be no such thing as a sentence. We wouldn’t be able to have an intellectual conversation or be able to write. I’m not sure if a conversation would be a thing. Words are the main component of the English language or any language for that matter. The world would be completely different without the use of letters and words. I’ve never really enjoyed writing and often times my writing is very choppy. I am known for writing lists and I have a difficult time being creative while writing. It is definitely not my strong suit and that could be the reason on why I don’t enjoy it as much. I am a firm believer that practice makes perfect. If I took an immense amount of time to work on my writing I have no doubt that it would improve. Although, since I don’t have a true interest in writing, it makes it difficult to put time in improving it. Even though I am not a huge fan of writing, I give immense amount of credit to the authors and people who are able to express and grab a reader’s attention by just putting words on a piece of paper. However, sometimes they are not words, instead they are phrases or sentences that just make the reader as if they are the main character in that book fighting off the bad guys. Authors have a special way of using words that make them seem so magically. For example, Dr. Seuss he makes
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