My Experience Of English Composition

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My experience in English Composition 1 this semester has been a tough one. From day one, I knew that this class was not going to be a “walk in the park”, so I tried to prepare myself for what was to come. Throughout this semester, I have recognized my strengths as well as my weaknesses , and I still continue to struggle with a lot of them to this day. Through it all, this class has been a journey that has taught me a lot. When we first began to write our descriptive essay, my confidence level was sky high. I thought that my writing skills were fairly decent, and I was not worried about having too many mistakes. However, after seeing the grade that I made, my confidence level dropped ,and I was not so self-assured like before. With the help of my instructor, I was able to recognize my mistakes first off. The major problem in my descriptive piece was grammatical and mechanical errors such as subject/verb agreement and incorrect usage of commas. Throughout my entire paper, these were the most common mistakes found. I went home, analyzed my paper, and found some websites on the Internet that helped me correct these issues. As well as she found things in my paper that were incorrect, she also pointed out my strengths. She applauded me on my excellent descriptive details, sentence structure, and vocabulary usage and noted that I did a great job describing the food using sensory and vivid details that made my paper cohesive. Our next big paper was the research piece. Not once

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