My Experience That Changed Me

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Memories are part of our past. They help us to evaluate who we are and where we have been. Throughout my life, there have been many situations that have changed me. This paper will explore the many different situations that have transformed me ever since I moved to the United States. It has been 15 years since I left my home country, Chile. I can still remember like it was yesterday when my dad told me, “we are moving to the United States”, I was only 16 yrs. old and I honestly did not know what this move would mean for my family and I. the day I left Chile felt like any other day, my grandfather, my uncle and my two cousins dropped us off at the airport, they all looked sad, but I was excited to leave Chile because I would finally see my mom.
My mom had moved to the United States a year prior to our arrival. She decided to embark on this new adventure when she lost her job in Chile. I think this was the first experience that transformed my life. I can’t imagined how difficult it was for my mom to leave everything behind and move here. She did not speak any English, she did not know anybody, but it was her courage and her willingness to sacrifice everything for her family that made her stronger. As a result of this, she was able to overcome many barriers and be successful in this country. Reflecting on my mom’s experience made me realize that her sacrifices allowed me to have a better future in this country.
The second situation that transformed my life was High School. I

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