My Family Definition

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In my family, our interpretation of what family means is not your typical dictionary definition. When I think of family I think of the unity we have, our unity brings us all together and doesn’t just consist of people in our house hold. Anyone who needed a family knew that they had it in our house hold. Friends became family even though they weren’t blood related. We never had a reason not to care for someone just because they were blood family. I would personally define my family as an airplane. My mother is the body of the plane, my father the pilot, my brother the wings, the passengers are the people that become family, and I am the navigation system. I define my family as an airplane, because each of us have an important part in the …show more content…

He is one of the biggest guidance in my life. He has helped my family and I financially, emotionally, physically, with all our problems. My father united our family, when my parents were still together he would have everyone come over to our house, and if anyone was not getting along he would make sure that by the end of the night everyone was united. He taught my family and I to always help one another. He helped me learn the meaning of responsibilities, even if he was not around. At the age of 17 my father gave me a credit card. He taught me the true meaning of responsibility and how to be aware of my financial situation. He showed me the importance of paying bills on time, and how credit cards have interest rates. He also taught me how not paying bills can lower your credit score. At that age I was unconcerned about my responsibilities, but as I got older I realized the value of knowing these qualities. He always makes sure to keep the family calm through a storm and always makes sure we are safe even at the hardest time. My brother is the wings in the family. He is strong and holds the family together. He has helped our family come together and guide us through emotional times in our life. He has uplifted our family through the strongest winds. Just like the wings on the plane he is always on the side watching and guiding, steering our family and lifting

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