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I lived in a neighborhood called Shadowbay in a small town called Willis, Texas. I lived there for twelve years, it was all I ever knew. My parents got divorced right after I was born and I lived with my mom and my two sisters. My mom was tall and skinny with tan skin, dark brown eyes and long brown hair. I felt like I never really knew her growing up though because she worked often. I was always left with my two sisters and occasionally with one of my mom’s many boyfriends. I was the youngest of my sisters. Eventually my mom found a decent man. His name was Steve and he was tall, built, bald and covered in tattoos. I would be afraid if I saw him on the street but I knew him and he was the first decent man my mom had ever brought home.…show more content…
I remember one night when my mom had one of her worse breakdowns, throwing furniture and dishes and screaming, me and April were locked in my room, huddled on my bed and she was holding me and she promised me that she would protect me from her, that she would never leave me alone with her. She did though. The first chance she got to get out of there she did. She moved to Alaska with my uncle. He only offered to take her, not me. Steve was gone too, he held on as long as he could, he kept trying, not for my mom but for me. I stayed with him sometimes, to eat, shower and sleep in a bed, my mom had sold mine. But eventually she wouldn’t let me go with him anymore. We were living in a shell of a home, no water or power because my mom never had money to pay the bills. We never had any food in the house for the same reason. She had sold nearly everything in the house to pay for her drug habits. I had some friends that were good to me. They would let me stay at their house as much as possible. Some days my mom would leave and not come back for three or four days. School was about to start and I didn’t know what to do. I had no way to get any school supplies or anything. The year before my Aunt Annie took me to get school stuff but she was laid up in bed injured and couldn’t get out of her house. I would have been ashamed to go to school the way I was, dirty and hungry and pretty much homeless. I had to figure out something to do. One afternoon while I was at a
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