My Favorite Experience

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When I was younger I always loved action movies. I always loved to watch hand to hand combat. It just seemed so fun to watch. I always only watched the fighting parts and skipped everything else. Watching people fight made me so happy and pumped up. I would feel so confident and motivated. So, one day I was thinking of the most imaginable thoughts. I started playing movies in my head of me fighting bad guys. Saving the princess from the evil ninjas. Saving the damsel in distress from the half human, half dragon, man. Undercover cop fighting Backstreet thugs to save a woman’s purse. Being the hero and saving the day. All the things you could day-dream about when you’re a kid. I always played games with some sort of fighting tactic too. Mostly a game called Assassin’s Creed or Prince Of Persia. It just was so fun to me. I felt like I had a connection to hand to hand combat. But, I knew that a lot of discipline and hardwork will follow. If one day I was a real fighter. One day I started thinking to myself. What if I actually learned something like that. Of all the movies I watched I thought that I would have enough knowledge to learn stuff on my own. So, I went to my back yard and started punching, kicking, and sprinting all over the place. I took a sandbag from our backyard and used it as a punching bag. Seeing the dust and sand drift away in the air after every strike. The sound of the sand in the bag crunching with every hit. The feeling of the bag deflecting every punch

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